Annual contributions
The World Forum for Ethics and Values in Journalism
Individuals   CHF 250.-
Periodicals (dailies, weeklies, fortnightlies, monthlies, news agencies, etc): The annual contribution of a publication is calculated on the basis of CHF 0.10 per copy of monthly circulation; and the individual contributions of the professionals.    Minimum: CHF 1'900.-
- A weekly with 10,000 copies (40,000 copies a month) calculates: (CHF 0.10 x 40,000 = CHF 4'000.-).
- The weekly has 4 professionals; each of them pays CHF 250: (4 x CHF 250 = CHF 1'000).
- The annual contribution of the weekly is CHF 4'000 + CHF 1'000 = 5'000
- If the calculations are lower than the proposed minimum contribution, the minimum is payed.
Books, Cassettes, Discs, CD-Rom, DVD, Video, etc: CHF 0.10 per copy per edition; and the individual contributions of the professionals.   Minimum: CHF 1'900.-
Publishing Houses calculate on the basis of the total monthly circulation of all their publications and the individual contributions of the professionals.    Minimum: CHF 1'900.-
Schools, Institutes of Journalism or Communication: CHF 0.60 per person (students and professors)   Minimum: CHF 1'900.-
Associations, Conferences, Federations, Regions, other groups: Calculations are done according to the nature of members (publications, schools, institutes, individuals, etc).    Minimum: CHF 1'900.-
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