International Press Card

For renewals, please send a recent photograph together with payment.


International Press Card gives all journalists and other media professionals and experts access to information, events, personalities, institutions and so on in thousands of ways in all parts of the world.

Your card will be issued in conformity with the norms of e-World Press Cards and international verification. Every card is linked to its holder’s passport and is made available for electronic verification at all times.

Please send your photograph and passport scan (only the main page with photo) by e-mail together with the following information:

  1. Press Card for [ ] one year Euro 200.-; [ ] five years Euro 950.-; [ ] 10 years Euro 1'900.-
  2. Names as in the passport:
  3. Passport number:
  4. Validity of the passport:
  5. Sex [ ] male or [ ] female:
  6. Date, Month and Year of Birth:
  7. Place of Birth:
  8. Religion:
  9. Nationality/ies:
  10. Country of Residence: 
  11. Complete address: 
  12. Telephone: 
  13. Fax: 
  14. E-mail:
  15. Educational and other qualifications:
  16. Professional background, award/s won:
  17. Present profession: 
  18. Where do you work?
  19. Other relevant information:


[ ] Bank Transfer

[ ] Please charge the sum to my credit card: [ ] Visa, [ ] Euro/Master Card, [ ] American Express (Credit card charges will be made in Swiss francs, euros or US dollars with plus 7% for charges)

Credit card number: 
Card Holder’s Name:
Security number in the signature field:
Expires (date): 
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