The raison d'être
The World Forum for Ethics and Values in Journalism

The international forum brings together journalists, publishers, Professors of Communication and other journalism and media experts from all parts of the world.

Journalism, especially value-oriented journalism, is the main concern of the international forum and its professionals in all parts of the world.

There are various organisations of journalists and almost all of them aim at helping their members find cheaper ways to print or broadcast, earn greater advertising revenues, promote higher circulation and, in general, make their media productions more attractive to the public. They seldom go more deeply into issues that concern humanity at large or evaluate the social and moral content of news media.

Most media enterprises, especially those owned or controlled by government, big business, family interests or religious groups, are not really free since they have their own agenda and priorities. They intentionally avoid broaching issues that they believe would be detrimental to their own interests.

The international forum would seem to be the only world forum where human, religious and spiritual values are brought together in order to analyse, reflect, evaluate and act without external constraints and restrictions in a highly restrictive and managed world.

Journalism should be the profession of true freedom and all professionals and friends value both individual freedom and feel a collective responsibility to humanity and nature as the primary requisites of a competent and exemplary journalist.

It is in this spirit of freedom and universal collegiality that the international forum invites professionals everywhere to its events worldwide, either as facilitators or as participants. No one comes to these gatherings with the intention of promoting any form of sectarian propaganda but of joining with others in making a meaningful contribution to the common welfare.

The international forum and its journalists and media experts unceasingly put the values of family, human integrity, respect towards humanity and nature, freedom and dignity at the top of all their agenda, their initiatives and their endeavours.

The international forum's origins date back to late 1800s by a group of journalists and media experts who felt they had the duty, responsibility and freedom to guide people especially in time of war and conflict when people could no longer rely on their leaders ? political, religious or commercial.

The international forum has renewed this call at the important moments in the recent history. Today it organises, together with interested professionals and their organisations, events that can assist today's media experts and journalists understand the interests, reasons and policies behind decisions and events that become realities.

The international forum brings media experts and journalists from all corners of the world, from diverse economic, political and cultural backgrounds, and united in love, respect, grace and dignity. They all aim through the forum'sevents to penetrate what is at the heart of all events and happenings as well as in the heart of the true journalist.