Advantages of Belongingness
The World Forum for Ethics and Values in Journalism

World Dimension: Journalists have national and international dimensions. With the world forum of journalists, we realise our international dimension as we realise our national or regional dimension through a national or regional body. For media men and women, it is indispensable to be placed in the world context.

Contacts Worldwide: Belongingness to the forum is the right answer to thousands of journalists, publishers and professors of communication, and their associations and institutions to come in contact with their counterparts worldwide.

Source of Inspiration: The forum is a great source of inspiration and courage. It provides you with the feeling that you belong to the forum global family of professionals and friends, enabling you to exercise your profession especially in very difficult situations.

Value-Oriented Journalism: By belonging to the forum, one becomes a partner in the efforts for value-oriented journalism in view of better communication and peace in the world; one contributes to initiatives that bring together professionals worldwide, so that their experiences can be shared in view of higher professional standards.

Professionalism beyond frontiers: The forum helps us know one another, surpassing the social, economic and racial barriers and act in our world where the media influence almost all major decisions.

World Citizenship: The forum helps us understand that we do not lose our national or cultural identity by belonging to the world. Modern-day professionals are aware of the importance of the world identity and programmes on world level because our world has become a village.

Grains of Renewal: Those who are active on world level are aware of the effect of programmes on local levels. After returning from a forum event, they become founders of national or regional networks of media professionals and grains of renewal in existing associations worldwide.

Moral Support: In countries where freedom of press and association is limited, belongingness to the forum is a great moral support for professionals, and their institutions and associations. In many countries, it is difficult, sometimes even dangerous, to be identified as a journalist. The forum links them with media professionals and institutions worldwide in order to live their convictions and to share their rich experiences.

Friendship for Life: The forum links media professionals worldwide for life.The forum connects them with the world even if they cease to become representatives of their association or institution.

Permanent Forum of Listening and Dialogue: Listening and dialogue are the first requirements to be credible journalists. They help free flow of information and thus development and peace.The forum is the world forum of dialogue.

Media professionals and institutions worldwide have become part of the forum in search of higher professionalism, universal friendship and world citizenship.



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