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The International Network of Young Journalists is a world forum of professional journalists below the age of 35. The Network has aroused the interest and enthusiasm of journalists internationally. The movement began with an invitation to young journalists in October 1987. They were asked to become part of a movement that would help them meet colleagues and improve their training.  
In the same spirit the Network members now invite journalists under the age of 35 to come aboard and discover new horizons. Thousands of journalists from more than 100 countries have already joined the voyage. They are the network, you are the network, we are the network.  
The World Organisation believes that young journalists should have the opportunity to meet one another when they are young and share their experiences and opinions. It is vital to invest in young journalists, the new vanguard of our profession who will forge the way ahead.  
For World Organisation, young journalists are the dynamic, courageous, modern face of the media. Young journalists are often those who bring the latest news from the riskiest places on Earth. They are our future: we can learn from them, just as they can learn from us.  
Young journalists are aware that disproportionate development of the media, has damaged the bilateral transfer of information. The powerful continue to make judgments on behalf of their weak counterparts, without considering the affect this will have. The media has the power to influence the powerful and we must use it for the good of all.  
The Network aims to bring brothers and sisters together, irrespective of political allegiances, wealth, nationality, sex, colour or race. It enables each to speak, listen, and understand, crossing barriers and overcoming fears.  
The Network allows members of the media in the four corners of the globe to learn respect and to co-operate in a spirit of solidarity.  
The Network organises the triennial International Journalism Awards and World Convention in conjunction with the Organisation's world congress. Members stay in touch through the medium of the newsletter and through our Refreshers & Exposures, and other activities on a local, national and international level.  
Join the Network: All journalists under 35 can join the network. Please send your (1) names, (2) date of birth, (3) nationality (ies), (4) religion and denomination, (5) profession, (6) address and (7) e-mail to  
In order to facilitate the participation of other young journalists in the International Media Awards and the activities of the International Network of Young Journalists, please put us in touch with others.  Send any names, addresses and dates of birth to