Welcome to
The World Forum for Ethics and Values in Journalism
Since 1789

Welcome to the International Congresses, Exposures, Refreshers, Awards! Welcome to the world forum of professionals in journalism and communication.

You are among the best of your colleagues and friends you can find in our global village. The world forum brings together journalists, publishers, professors of communication and journalism and other media experts. Professionals below 35 years of age constitute the International Network of Young Journalists.

The forum is open to all who care for ethics and values, accuracy and objectivity, and respect for peoples, cultures, religions, civilisations and conventions worldwide. The forum organises events with peoples of all cultures, religions and faiths, and irrespective of all differences.

We emphasise very much on face-to face meetings and encounters, exposures to events and places as an important pre-requisite for professionalism and competence. Colleagues and friends believe that such real touch and contacts are very important for all professional cooperation in our modern world where virtual tends to dominate or even replace the real.

Thousands of journalists and media experts have therefore joined hands with the forum in search of value-oriented journalism, in order to build their own networks, in view of professional co-operation on world levels, and to better understand our global village and all its inhabitants.

The world forum has eight federations and eight regions. Federations are professional bodies. Regions are geographical associations. Federations: Journalists, Dailies, Periodicals, Teachers and Researchers, News Agencies, Specialized Media, Publishers and Photo Journalists. Regions: Africa, Latin America, North America, East Asia, South East Asia, South Asia, Europe and Middle East.

Professionals below 35 years form the International Network of Young Journalists

The world forum has the status of "working relationship" with UNESCO and consultative status at ECOSOC.

Commissions: International Life Commission advises the forum on international issues and prepares the forum's documents.

Belongingness: All journalists, publishers, teachers of communication, publications, publishing houses, media insttutions, institutes of journalism, news agencies and their associations can join this world forum.